View From the Mic – Mike Nelson and The Beat Night Band
The companion Album to my Book Another Forty Years. A two-disc Album, The first is thirteen tracks with me and the Beat Night Band and the second is an open mic disc with John-Michael Albert, Genevieve Aichele,   Kate Leigh, John Grady, Lindsey Coombs and Sal Sciretto also with the beat night band. The Band is Frank Laurino on Percussion, Mike Barron on Drums, Chris Stambaugh on Bass, Scott Solsky on Guitar, Scip Gallant on Piano and Organ, Cynthia Chatis on flute and vocal and Don Davis on Horns.

Zaftig Nebulosa – Stairway to Bed

A recording done for the RPM Challenge 2013  with Rob Eaton on Guitar, one poem with my son Jay Nelson,  then ten years old, reading his own poem, and myself playing drums and piano and reading original poems.

Layered Wahtever Cake – Couch Anthems

Album Recorded for the RPM Challenge 2017 co-created with Crystal Paradis

Layered Wahtever Cake – The End of Pants

Album Recorded for RPM Challenge 2018 co-created with Crystal Paradis