Resurrection. Dedicated to George Floyd and Black Lives Matter

Trinity. Three bees of a hive: Queen, worker, and drone.

Jays for Jay. For my son Jay. Blue Jay and Grey Jay up top native to north America and a Mexican Jay and a GreenĀ  (Inca) Jay native to Central and South America. Yellow passion flower on bottom found in south America. Up top flowers are Fever Few, Echinacea or Coneflower and a Jennifer flower as a tribute to my sons mother Jennifer. Symbol in center is called the Flower of Life

Tribute to my home state of NH during Covid

Corvus Covid. Apollo, god of plagues would send the crow as a dark messenger or spy.

Corvus Covid close up on earth at the center of the coronavirus

Coronalove. During the terrible thing that’s happening, so is something beautiful happening

One Thing Never Changes. 18×24

Monarch 5×7

Purple Monarch 5×7






Moon Bee. 5×7

Rabbit and Bee. 18×24

Fox and Bee. 18×24

Bee in the Mountains. 10×20

A Storm is Coming. 10×20

Paperwasp and bee. 18×24

Crow Descending. 18×24

Frog and Bee. 18×24

Bat and Bee. 18×24

Crow and Bee. 24×48

Crow and Bee 2. 24×48

As Above So Below. 16×20

Bee the Change. Dedicated to Crystal Paradis and 18×24

Bee Here Now. 18×24

Lost Child. 16×20

Zaftig Bee. 16×20

Flight of the Carpenter Bee. 18×24

Into the Fire. 18×24

Night Owl. 5×7

Jess’s Rooster. 8×10

The Mathematician. 11×14

In the Beeginning. Symbols clockwise from top: 1- Infinity Star – something i made up to represent that we don’t move through infinity but that infinity moves through us. 2 – Alchemy. 3 – The snake – from the mayan calender. 4 – Unicursal Hexagram – A Hexagram drawn with a single line for the union and dissolution of male and female. 5 – Chaos Heart – the eight pointed symbol for chaos inside the pop culture symbol of a heart. Does love contain chaos or is chaos the heart of love? 6 – A Sanskrit word that I’ve forgotten but it means to gather things together. The large symbol that contains everything is the Hexagram star, two triangles for the sword and the chalice overlaid for the unity of male and female. The creature at the center is the pupa of a honeybee. 18×24

Not Meant to Bee. 24×30

(Not Meant to Bee closeup)

Pentacle of Venus. 28×36

(Ascending Pentacle closeup)

Maccabees. Jonah and the four brothers gathering the Hanukkah lights to rededicate the temple after the Maccabean revolt

Senile Monk


That’s What You Get