Pentacle of Venus

Male cardinal on the right, female cardinal on left. Cardinal Fledglings on white pine branch. Drake family crest hanging from chain on branch. The hindu Symbol in the center is called a Sri Yantra (holy instrument) The Sri Yantra is made of 9 interlocking triangles, four pointing up and five pointing down. The four pointing up represent human will and striving toward God. The five pointing down represent God's will in us, which is always greater than our will. The yellow and blue colors represent sun and sky. The point at the center of the triangles is called the Bindu which represents the source of existence. The triangle also represent the union of the divine masculine (four triangles pointing up) and the divine feminine (five pointing down). The love we share is not something less than or separate from God's love, it is God's love. A happy and thriving family has this truth at it's center. The petals around the symbol are the ever blossoming lotus colored in earth tones of evergreeen and raw sienna. The square shaped structure around the lotus is called the Gate and represents earth in a deep blue ocean color. The flowers around the Gate are Mistletoe at the top, Winter Jasmine on the right side, Siberian squill on the bottom, Christmas cactus on left side, and Holly at the corners. All are plants that bloom in winter. The bees and honeycomb represent the ongoing work of family life and nature and existence itself.

Legacy. Dedicated to the memory of Jonathon Drake and his family and all the love he left them with.

Love is for Loons

Above the World

Something’s Missing. Cowbird, Flicker and bumble bee


Chaos Blooming

From Within

The Wheel

Whose World? poem by John-Michael Albert

Livevil. Leviathan Cross with Dracula Parrot


praying chipmunkRessurrection of George Floyd

Trinity. Three bees of a hive: Queen, worker, and drone.

Jays for Jay. For my son Jay. Blue Jay and Grey Jay up top native to north America and a Mexican Jay and a GreenĀ  (Inca) Jay native to Central and South America. Yellow passion flower on bottom found in south America. Up top flowers are Fever Few, Echinacea or Coneflower and a Jennifer flower as a tribute to my sons mother Jennifer. Symbol in center is called the Flower of Life

Tribute to my home state of NH during Covid

Corvus Covid. Apollo, god of plagues and poetry would send the crow as a dark messenger or spy.

Corvus Covid close up on earth at the center of the coronavirus

Coronalove. During the terrible thing that’s happening, so is something beautiful happening

One Thing Never Changes. 18×24

Monarch 5×7

Purple Monarch 5×7

Moon Bee. 5×7

Rabbit and Bee. 18×24

Fox and Bee. 18×24

Bee in the Mountains. 10×20

A Storm is Coming. 10×20

Paperwasp and bee. 18×24

Crow Descending. 18×24

Frog and Bee. 18×24

Bat and Bee. 18×24

Crow and Bee. 24×48

Crow and Bee 2. 24×48

As Above So Below. 16×20

Bee the Change. Dedicated to Crystal Paradis and 18×24

Bee Here Now. 18×24

Lost Child. 16×20

Zaftig Bee. 16×20

Flight of the Carpenter Bee. 18×24

Into the Fire. 18×24

Night Owl. 5×7

Jess’s Rooster. 8×10

The Mathematician. 11×14

In the Beeginning.

Not Meant to Bee. 24×30

(Not Meant to Bee closeup)

Pentacle of Venus. 28×36

(Ascending Pentacle closeup)

Maccabees. Jonah and the four brothers gathering the Hanukkah lights to rededicate the temple after the Maccabean revolt

Senile Monk


That’s What You Get